Dear learn Chinese online kids today we will share a Chinese film with you- Initial D.

Story Introduction

Through our course of online Mandarin for kids you can know that Fujiwara Takumi is an ordinary high school student in his third year. He is a genius driver but not much of a talker, and he lives with his father, who runs a tofu store. Every morning Takumi delivers his father's tofu to customers by car. One day he finds himself in a race against Takahashi Keisuke, who is second-in rank in the so called "fastest road racing group" in Gunma Prefecture. Takumi wins the race with his old car, and makes him known in the racing circle.


He starts a career in road racing, and names his car Eighty-six based on the engine's model number, AE86. Through the process of competition, Takumi grows up, and changes his estranged relationship to his father into one of mutual understanding and support.

Character Introduction

By taking our Chinese classes for kids you can know that Fujiwara Takumi: A high school student in Gunma Prefecture. He is an introvert, and spends his day attending school and delivering fresh tofu to customers. He develops sophisticated control over his car, and loves to "drift around" on a daily basis, dreaming of having his own race car. He secretly admires a girl but hesitates to express his crush. An accidental victory in a road race changes his life.

Natsuki Motegi: A high school student in Gunma Prefecture. A childhood friend of Takumi's, she grows up to be the object of admiration for all boys. Takumi has a crush on her, too. Natsuki only likes Takumi, but keeps a secret cash-based relationship with Mr.X. After learning about it, Takumi cools his heart for Natsuki.

Fujiwara Bunta: Takumi's father. In Takumi's eyes, Bunta is a drunk who frequently beats his son, and mismanages the tofu store. Father and son have a troubled relationship. In fact, Bunta has once been the most famous God of Drifting for his generation, but since Takumi's mother leaves, Bunta has slacked off. With the help of his son and his friends, Bunta starts a new life.


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