Dear friends, welcome to visit our online Chinese language school and today we will introduce two Chinese films for you. They are Magical Kitchen and Root and Branches.

Magical Kitchen:

Through our Chinese online learning lesson you can know that 慕容优(Mu4rong2 You1) is the owner and executive chef of an elegant restaurant in Hong Kong. Her managerial and culinary skills win her an invitation from an acclaimed Japanese TV show to compete in a food contest, but You declines, claiming that she has no interested in the competition. You's decision puzzles her assistant 小可(Xiao3ke3).


Xiaoke secretly admires You, but he knows that You clings to the memory her ex-boyfriend. Out of respect for her, Xiaoke waits patiently while encouraging her to conquer her fears and to walk a path of her own.

Conflicted with feelings, the indecisive You finds herself unable to pluck up the courage and control her own destiny. Xiaoke's love and her friends' colorful life prompt You to begin a new chapter in life, and she falls in love with Xiaoke.

Character Introduction:

慕容优(Mu4rong2 You1) is a successful restaurateur living in the shadow of her childhood. She is deeply convinced and influenced by the stories her mother has told, and does not dare to chart new territories in her personal and professional life. 郭可立(Guo1 Ke3li4) is Murong You's assistant. He is passionate and committed about his career and love.


In our Chinese online class you can also know about another Chinese film-Root and Branches:

As the young conductor 齐思甜(Qi2 Si1tian2) goes back to China for her first concert, she plans to find her lost siblings. Twenty years before, they have been a happy family in a small town in the northeast despite the hardship. One stormy night, their parents get killed in a traffic accident as the father is taking the gravely ill mother to the hospital.


By taking our online Chinese courses you can know that the four orphans are adopted by their uncle, to which his wife steadfastly objects. The eldest brother 齐忆苦(Qi2 Yi4ku3) takes the siblings and leave. In order to give them a happy life, Yiku sends his siblings into different households, but before they part, he gives each of them a family portrait, so that later in life they may still recognize one another.


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