Dear learn Chinese online kids, do you like to see Chinese films? To see more Chinese films can not only let you relax yourself, but also help you to learn more Chinese native language. Today you can know about a Chinese film – Run Papa Run.

Firstly, please read the story introduction which is useful for online Mandarin for kids.

Li Tian'en grows up under the care a single mother, and he has no particular feeling about any father figures. He takes part in organized crime in his adolescence, and despite his mother's strict rules, he wishes to be a member of a secret society. After meeting lawyer Meibao, Tian'en falls in love. The two marry and have a daughter against all odds, and Tian'en's world is turned upside down: he tries to hide his background in the crime circles, he changes his ways, he orders against profanities around his family, and he even sacrifices his own life….


Dear Chinese classes for kids, after knowing about the general content of the film, please know about the main role in it.

Character Introduction:

Li Tian'en: A career criminal since adolescence, he regards his fraternal relations as most important. After becoming a ring leader, he meets and marries a lawyer named Meibao. The two have a daughter, whom Tian'en does not want to be affected by his criminal background. Thus Tian'en attempts to rid himself of his ties with the gang world, until finally he pays with his own life to leave the criminal circle….

Meibao: A young lawyer who has just begun her career. She meets Li Tian'en during a court defense, falls in love and marries him, and has a daughter with him. She constantly worries about Li Tian'en, but for al her strictures and love, Tian'en has an affair, which breaks her heart and prompts her to threaten to leave. This incident brings home to Tian'en who is his true love. After she has a daughter, Meibao begins to worry about her daughter's safety.

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