Chinese phrases – “交白卷(jiao1 bai2juan4)” and “交学费(jiao1 xue2fei4)”

Dear friends, in the process of learning online Chinese language you may be examined by some Chinese commonly used phrases. Today our Chinese lesson will help you to learn two Chinese phrases.

"交学费(jiao1 xue2fei4)"

It literally means paying tuition to the school for one's education. Figuratively it means paying a price for one's mistake or failure in carry out a task.


By taking our online Chinese lessons you can know that phrase sometimes connotes that one should not have made who have made such mistakes or failed, and it is sometimes also used as a self-consolation or self-irony by the very people themselves.

The phrase is used as predicate, attributive or object. And it can be used with other words in between. The verb and noun can be used in inversion.


Zhenɡ4fu3 yi3jinɡ1 chu1tai2 le yi2 xi4lie4 zhenɡ4ce4, banɡ1zhu4 ɡou4fanɡ2 ren2

政府 已经 出台 了 一 系列 政策, 帮助 购房 人

zai4 mai3fanɡ2 ɡuo4chenɡ2 zhonɡ1 shao3 jiao1 huo4 bu4 jiao1 xue2fei4.

在 买房 过程 中 少 交 或 不 交 学费。

The government has issued a series of policies to help home buyers pay less for or avoid paying for any possible mistake.


"交白卷(jiao1 bai2juan4)"

"白卷(bai2juan4)" is an examination paper with no answer on. This phrase literally means handing in an exam paper with no answers.


When you study Chinese you can also know that it connotes one fails to fulfill the task which he was expected to have completed. It also means failing to obtain any scores in a ball match. The phrase is usually used as predicate, object or attributive and it can be used with other words in between.


Zhe4 fen4 diao4cha2 wo3 bu4nenɡ2 jiao1 bai2juan4, fou3ze2 zhun3 yao4 ai1

这 份 调查 我 不能 交 白卷, 否则 准 要 挨

lao3ban3 yi2dun4 chou4ma4.

老板 一顿 臭骂。

I cannot hand in a blank report, or I'll be scolded by the boss.

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