The concept of yin and yang is the generalization of two plliar couplements related to each other.These complementary opposites used as labels to describe two opposite things or two opposite aspects contained within one thing.Yin and yang are Chinese pinyin for you to get access to effective ways to learn Chinese. The original meaning of yin.yang was sides facing or opposite to the sun.That is to say the side facing the sun pertains to yang,while the side opposite to the sun,yin.

Later on the meaning was extended so that it is an easy way to learn Chinese.Yang was associated with such qualities as brightness and warmth while yin with such qualities as darkness and cold.For example,daytime pertains to yang while night is yin;sunny weather is yang while cloudy weather is yin;spring and summer is yang while autumn and winter is yin;fire is yang while water is yin,etc.Extension and generalization like this leads to the division of everything in the universe into yin or yang category based on its different status,property,position,trend,function and effects.

Generally speaking,the things and phenomena that bear the properties of being warm,bright,moving,external,rising,active,hype functional,strong,functional,pertain to yang while those cold.dark.static,internal descending,passive,hypo—functional.weak and material. Qi that constitutes the whole universe is also categorized yin (heavy and turbid part)and yang (light and clear pan).To understand those meanings can be the best way to learn Chinese. Since movements and changes of qi are what makes everything move and change movements and changes of phenomena are thus associated with yin—yang as well.Every natural phenomenon is the result of interaction between yin and yang.


The theory of yin yang is thus enriched.The theory of yin—yang holds that all things and phenomena have two facts probably in hsk test:a yin aspect and a yang aspect contrasting each other.This contrasting relationship is due to their opposite properties manifested as the mutual control and check interaction.


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