Dear friends, welcome to visit our website of world learner Chinese online learning. Today we will talk about a topic with you. That is – How to reply Chinese people's greetings appropriately.

A simple "你好!(Ni3hao3!)" shows hospitality and friendliness when you meet people. Chinese people will always be happy if a foreigner to whom they are talking can speak some simple Chinese.

In our Chinese learn online class you can know that if a Chinese person greet with you, then can you reply him appropriately? From the following text, you can learn how to reply Chinese people's greeting appropriately.


If a Chinese person say: "你好!(Ni3hao3!) Hello!" "早上好!(Zao3shanɡ4 hao3!) Good morning!" "晚安!(Wan3 an1!) Good night!" then you can also say "你好!(Ni3hao3!) Hello!" "早上好!(Zao3shanɡ4 hao3!) Good morning!" "晚安!(Wan3 an1!) Good night!" for replying.

Mother: Good night!

But if a Chinese person ask you: "你好吗?(Ni3 hao3 ma?) How are you?" then you should answer for "我很好!(Wo3 hen3 hao3!) I'm fine!" 挺好的!(Tinɡ3 hao3 de!)"or "还不错(Hai2 bu2cuo4!) It's okey!" etc.

If you want to know how to use it into practice, please come to visit our Mandarin learning online class to learn it with the help of our Chinese teacher.


Dear friends, have you leant how to reply Chinese people's "你好!(Ni3hao3!)" and "你好吗?(Ni3 hao3 ma?) How are you?" appropriately? Welcome to visit our Chinese learning forum to do more exercise about it and to learn more ways of greetings with Chinese people.



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