Dear learn Chinese online kids, welcome to visit our Chinese online class and today we will help you to learn two Chinese idioms-"η‹ε‡θ™Žε¨(Hu2Jia3Hu3Wei1)" and "ε›«ε›΅εžζž£(hu2lun2tun1zao3)". Besides, you can learn tow interesting stories about them.


Through our lesson of online Mandarin for kids you can know that long long ago a tiger in the forest saw a fox and attempted to eat him. The fox cried out: "I'm the king of animals designed by the Jade Emperor. If you walk with me in the forest, you will see all other animals will be scared away by me." The tiger did not believe him and decided to follow the fox to have a walk in the forest and found the other animals did run away as soon as they saw them.

Later Chinese people the idiom "η‹ε‡θ™Žε¨(hu2jia3hu3wei1)" to describe the phenomenon that a person bully others by flaunting one's powerful connections.


In our Chinese classes for kids you can also know that a doctor used to tell his patients: "Pears are good to teeth but harmful to the spleen. Dates are just the opposite: they benefit the spleen but do harm to the teeth." Thinking of himself clever, one of the patients said: "I've a clever idea that can avoid these problems." Would you tell us about it?" The doctor said, "Well," answered the patient, "when I eat a pear, I'll only chew and not swallow it. So it can't harm my speech while when I eat a date, I'll swallow it whole without chewing so that my teeth won't suffer." The other people all sniggered: "But what about your stomach? Wouldn't that be too much for it?"


Later people use the idiom "ε›«ε›΅εžζž£(hu2lun2tun1zao3)" to describe a person who reads without much thinking or learning something without really understanding it.

Dear kids, are the two stories interesting? Do you want to know how to use the two idioms? Welcome to visit our class of learning Chinese for kids to make a further studying about them!