Dear friends, we all that there are 55 minorities, which make up the colorful culture of China. Today, in our world learner Chinese class we will introduce the culture of Uygur Ethnic Minority of China for you.

People of the Uyghur Ethnic Minority, with a total population of over 9 millions, mainly live in Xinjiang Uyhgur Autonomous Region, in which Kashgar City, Hotan City and Aksu City are the most densely populated, while a minority of them live in Hunan province, Henan province and Beijing City.

In our website you can do Chinese learn online and you can also know that the Uyghur people have their own language. Based on Arabic letters, their written language is alphabetic. After the establishment of the People's Republic of China, another new written language based on Latin letters was popularized. Now both writing systems are in use. Dear friends, if you are interested in take part in Chinese learning forum, you are welcomed to come to China or learn learn Chinese online.


The history of the Uyghur Ethnic Minority:

The Word "Uyghur" means "alliance," "federation" and "solidarity" and the Uyghur, a multi-origin ethnic group, mainly come from two sources: one is the Huihe people from the Mongolian Grassland, and the other is the native people on the oasis of southern Xinjiang.

Mainly agrarian, the Uyghur people, have a well-established tradition of agriculture. They have developed oasis-irrigating agriculture fit for the geographical environment of Xinjiang, they also invented "Kan'er well," a special underground water-channeling system. Wheat is the dominant crop in their farmland.

The natural condition in Xinjiang is good for planting cotton; therefore, the ancestors of the Uyghur people planted cotton as early as 1000 years ago. The long-staple cotton here is the most famous for its excellent quality. Moreover, the Uyghur people are skilled at cultivating fruits, such as grapes, Hami melons, watermelons, bergamot pears, pomegranates, cherries, and figs.


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