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Dear friends, welcome to take our online Chinese language courses and today we will talk about Chinese culture with you.

If you have lived in China, you may have the experience of having a meal in your Chinese friend's home. Then do you have some embarrassing experience? Please read the true story below firstly.


Our online Mandarin tutor will share the story with you that an American was in a Chinese friend's house for dinner, and his father's mother said "Please eat it slowly." Or "Please enjoy it slowly." each time when she left for the kitchen. When the American heard it for the first time, he thought he was eating too fast, so he began to slow down. But the second time when he heard it, he felt a little embarrassed and dared not eat any more. But at this time, his friend said to him, "Please don't stand on ceremony and eat more." To eat or not to eat? The American was really puzzled.

If you also feel puzzled about the phenomenon, then our Mandarin tutor can tell you that as a matter of fact, no matter it is at a private dinner or on business banquet, "Eat it slowly" is just a polite expression of the Chinese hosts, which does not really mean to ask guests to eat slowly. Chinese people believe that courtesy calls for reciprocity, particularly in business activities. During the business contacts, companies keep in touch with both new and old clients and promote their relationship at cocktail parties, reciprocal receptions, etc. On these occasions, the hosts will say "Please enjoy it slowly," which actually means "please make yourself at home and eat more."


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