Dear learn Chinese online kids, are you in interested in sports and specialties? If you come to China, you can know about a variety of sports and specialties of China. Today, our website will introduce one of it.

It is sports and specialties of the Uyghur Ethnic Minority for you. Yes, In China, every minority has its own custom, such as the sports and specialties.

Today, in our class of online Mandarin for kids, you will know about the sports and specialties of the Uyghur Ethnic minority. After knowing it, you will know that Chinese culture is very colorful and rich.



Carpets, flowery hats, calico and Yengisar Knives are most famous traditional handicrafts of the Uyghur people.


Sahaledi (swinging): The most challenging sport for the Uyghur people is swinging, called sahaledi n the Uyghur language. What makes their swing different from that ethnic group is its height. If your children like sports, we have Chinese classes for kids. Not only help your children learn Chinese, but also help him to do sports.


Dawazi: Dawazi in the Uyghur language means mild-air rope walking, which is a favorite traditional sport of the Uyghur people. The performer, with a 3-meter-long pole in hand to keep balance, accompanied by the folk drum music of Xinjing, walks briskly on the high rope.

While walking, he still has to perform breathtakingly difficult moves like walking sideways or backwards. In the past, only men were allowed to perform Dawazi, but now women also join in the performance. Dear friends, if you are interested in free Chinese language learning, you are welcomed to come to China or learn Chinese online.


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