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If you come to China, you can know about a variety of architecture, culture and arts of China. Today, our website will introduce one of it. It is Architecture, culture and arts of the Uyghur Ethnic Minority for you.

Culture and Arts

In our online Chinese lesson you can know that the Uyghur is an ethnic group good at singing and dancing. Among scores of ethnic musical instruments, Dutaer and Rewfu are most frequently used in solo or choir. Dafu is a drum covered with sheepskin, played to accompany music and dance.


Sainaimu, a very popular folk dance, is performed in an extemporaneous manner, sometimes solo, sometimes in a pair, sometimes in a group of three to five people, or even more than ten. On grand occasions, there would be even hundreds of people dancing together.

The Muka Dance is a comprehensive art integrating musical instrument performance, singing and dancing, Uyghur rap, and so on. In addition, Maixirefu, a unique traditional entertainment combing singing, dancing and folk games, is also popular among the Uyghur people. More materials can be found which is good for you.


In our online Chinese lessons you can know that traditional architecture of the Uyghur people has distinguished features typical of the arid areas. The roofs of the houses are often vaulted or flat, with thick walls, arched doors, a few small windows, and a large skylight to bring in light. Inside the house, there is a 炕kang4, which is a heated bed made of bricks used for sitting, sleeping and entertaining guests.


Besides, the wall is heated by firs and stoves are built to keep warm and cook meals. The house takes the form of a square courtyard, the gate of which must not open to the west. Flower, trees, and fruit trees are planted around the house, in front of which grape trellises are built as a bower.

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