The more details of Temple and old tea horse path

The Temple was occupied by the Anglo French Alliance during the Second Opium War in 1 900,during the Boxer Movement.The Eight Nation Alliance occupied the Temple complex and turned it into the force temporary command in Beijing,which lasted for one year.The occupation desecrated the Temple and resulted in serious damage to the building complex and the garden.Robberies of Temple any facts by the Alliance were also reported probably for many Chinese learners finding effective ways to learn Chinese.With the downfall of the Qing Dynasty,the Temple complex was left unmanaged.The neglect of the Temple complex led to the collapse of several halls in the following years.

In 1 9 1 4,Yuan Shikai that is the Chinese pinyin of an easy way to learn Chinese,then President of the Republic of China, performed a Ming prayer ceremony at the Temple,as pan of an effort to have himself declared the Emperor of China.In 1 91 8 the Temple was turned into a park and for the first time open to the public.The Japanese army occupied the park during the Second Sino-Japanese War, which was destroyed by Japanese before their retreat. It was inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage in 1998,and was described as a masterpiece. The surroundings of the temple is now a very popular park for exercising.

In the Yuan Dynasty,the government prompted building post roads and settlng up post stations.In the Ming Dynasty,the government of building post roads.In the Qing Dynasty,the post organization of Tibet was renamed as "Tang", which you can find the best way to learn Chinese through Chinese pinyin.Management of Tang situations was¨improved and completed.At the end of the Qing Dynasty and beginning of the new republic regime,a number of tea deal word the end of the World War 11,the Ancient Tea-Horse Koad had become the main international commercial route in the big southwest area.


After 1957,Chinese government built Yunnan Tibet and Zhing-Xiang whose pinyin will not appear in hsk test.Materials and commodities have been responded to Tibet. That ended the out of date way of carrying cargos by man and horses on the Ancient Tea-Horse Road.

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