The Temple was occupied by the Anglo French Alliance during the Second Opium War in 1 900´╝îduring the Boxer Movement´╝ÄThe Eight Nation Alliance occupied the Temple complex and turned it into the force temporary command in Beijing´╝îwhich lasted for one year´╝ÄThe occupation desecrated the Temple and resulted in serious damage to the building complex and the garden´╝ÄRobberies of Temple any facts by the Alliance were also reported probably for many Chinese learners finding effective ways to learn Chinese´╝ÄWith the downfall of the Qing Dynasty´╝îthe Temple complex was left unmanaged´╝ÄThe neglect of the Temple complex led to the collapse of several halls in the following years´╝Ä

In 1 9 1 4´╝îYuan Shikai that is the Chinese pinyin of an easy way to learn Chinese´╝îthen President of the Republic of China, performed a Ming prayer ceremony at the Temple´╝îas pan of an effort to have himself declared the Emperor of China´╝ÄIn 1 91 8 the Temple was turned into a park and for the first time open to the public´╝ÄThe Japanese army occupied the park during the Second Sino-Japanese War, which was destroyed by Japanese before their retreat. It was inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage in 1998´╝îand was described as a masterpiece. The surroundings of the temple is now a very popular park for exercising´╝Ä

In the Yuan Dynasty´╝îthe government prompted building post roads and settlng up post stations´╝ÄIn the Ming Dynasty´╝îthe government of building post roads´╝ÄIn the Qing Dynasty´╝îthe post organization of Tibet was renamed as "Tang", which you can find the best way to learn Chinese through Chinese pinyin´╝ÄManagement of Tang situations was┬Ęimproved and completed´╝ÄAt the end of the Qing Dynasty and beginning of the new republic regime´╝îa number of tea deal word the end of the World War 11´╝îthe Ancient Tea-Horse Koad had become the main international commercial route in the big southwest area´╝Ä

After 1957´╝îChinese government built Yunnan Tibet and Zhing-Xiang whose pinyin will not appear in hsk test´╝ÄMaterials and commodities have been responded to Tibet. That ended the out of date way of carrying cargos by man and horses on the Ancient Tea-Horse Road´╝Ä