The most popular expressions of 2014 online showed up

The year of 2014 is ending, and it is high time that some relevant interests and scholars who are fond of collecting the popular expression online of Chinese course with high frequency usage as many as possible. Here comes the list.

For example, the number ten is called in Chinese pinyin as ye3 she4 man2 pin1 de1. The Chinese is 也是蛮拼的 in Chinese courses. As a matter of fact, this sentence is not used in any formal occasions. Thus, if you use this sentence in you spoken language or a meeting, you tone and emotion of your speaking would be relaxed to the listeners. The sentence ye3 shi4 man2 pin1 de1 means in English is that someone has done something or has made a great efforts on something for certain. In English, you may often say: I have tried my best on that thing or I've done. On condition that you love in China for several years and use a online chatting tool called we chat or micro blog, such kind of expressions can be found everywhere in your platform of sharing.


The next popular one is called no Zuo no die why you try in Chinese lessons. This is a typical bilingual version of English and Chinese, and it is really interesting thing because of the fact that if a person happened to be coincident with something terrible and unfortunate, people around him would spill this sentence out. In Chinese, Zuo is written as 作. It means that someone means to find something to do that is beyond his or her ability and control, which would make things worse and worse. So in Chinese, it means mei2 you3 Zhe1 teng2 jiu4 mei2 you3 Shi1 bai4. As a matter of fact, the phrase of why you try is an additional part for a rhythm and beautiful tone.

Through these two popular expressions, any complete foreigners who want to learn Chinese lesson in a short time would sigh with a deep breath: Chinese is knowledgeable and so tough to understand. Moreover, it is experiencing the daily changes, which will be created and applied in many occasions.



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