Traditional Chinese medicine in Chinese language lessons is featured by such treatment based in pathogenesis obtained through differentiation of symptoms and signs as its essence´╝ÄIt is necessary to differentiate diseases and constitute a special procedure of research and treatment in traditional Chinese diagnosis´╝ÄBased on such treatment and diagnosis´╝Äa traditional Chinese medicine practitioner can prescribe drugs´╝îidentify and treat diseases´╝ÄZhen is the Chinese language of a kind of pathology of the disease development of a body in a certain stage´╝îincluding the disease wherefrom´╝îthe cause´╝îthe feature and the conflicts between healthy energy and evils´╝ÄIt refects the nature of pathological change at a certain stage´╝îand reveals the intrinsic quality of disease more completely´╝îprofoundly´╝îand accurately than symptoms´╝ÄAnother zhen should be clarified and refers to symptoms´╝îsuch as fever´╝îheadache´╝îyellow tongue coat and pulse´╝Ä

The diagnosis is to differentiate a disease by analyzing and synthesizing the information´╝îsymptoms´╝îand patients' physical status collected through suchŃÇéfour diagnostic methods as inspection´╝îauscultation and faction´╝îinquiry and palpation´╝ÄZhi is to decide the treatment´╝ÄTraditional Chinese medicine first focuses on zhen´╝înot on

differences of the disease´╝ÄSo´╝îa disease with different symptoms may be treated in different methods´╝îwhile different diseases with the same symptom may be cured in the same way´╝ÄSuch different methods for the contradictions of different quality in the process of disease development is the essence of determination of treatment based in pathogenesis obtained through differentiation of symptoms and signs´╝ÄDifferential diagnosis and treatment is to identify different zhen of traditional Chinese medicine for flexible treatment and Chinese language learning according to different symptoms of patients´╝Ä

With the flexibility and creativity´╝îdiseases can be threated through the differential diagnosis and treatment even if there is no accurate name´╝ÄTherefore´╝îas for known and unknown diseases except for Chinese language course´╝ÄTreatment programs can be worked out for timely curing as long as symptoms are available´╝îwhich is the most significant feature of traditional Chinese medicine