ln Chinese history and Chinese lesson online, three people are adored as sages´╝ÄThey are calligraphy sage Wang Xizhi of the West Jin Dynasty (265-316)´╝îthe poem sage Du Fu of the Tang Dynasty´╝îand the painting sage Wu Daozi´╝îalso of the Tang Dynasty´╝ÄBorn in Yangzhai (present day Yu County in Henan Province)´╝Ä10st both his parents when he was young and lived a hard life in his early years´╝ÄHe learned from folk artists and sculptors how to make a living´╝ÄBecause he studied hard and was talented in art´╝Ähe earned himself a good reputation as a painter by the time he was 20 years old´╝ÄEmperor Xuanzong, a historical figure in Chinese courses online thus invited him to become an imperial painter in court´╝îwhich provided the best conditions for living and artistic creativity´╝Ä

Wu's character was unrestrained´╝îdirect and indifferent to trivial matters´╝ÄIt is known that he always drank when painting´╝ÄThere are many stories about him and his paintings for your learning Chinese online´╝ÄIt is said that when he knew the halo to surround the Buddha's head for a mural´╝Ähe used only his brushes without drafting the measurements first and that´╝Äwhen he went to the Longxing Temple to paint´╝îthe temple was packed with people´╝ÄWu moved his brush quickly when he painted and most of his works were accomplished in a single session´╝ÄWu Daozi had many opportunities to stay with famous men of letters and artists in Chang'an´╝îthe cultural center at that time´╝îwhich helped him improve his painting skills´╝ÄOn another occasion´╝îEmperor Xuanzong wanted to see the scenery of the Jialing River and sent Wu Daozi there to make sketches of the river´╝ÄWhen Wu came back´╝îhe asked for a bolt of silk and drew the 150ńŞÇkilometer landscape of the Jialing River in one day in the Da tong Hall. Emperor Xuan zong deeply sighed in admiration at this work´╝Ä

since it was as beautiful as the painting by another imperial painter´╝ÄLi Sixun´╝îwhich took several months to finish´╝Ä

Wu Daozi created many art works in his life. According to his works and HSK prep, the painting demonstrates Wu Daozi's basic painting style´╝ÄHis works were full of changes and Vigor´╝îexpressing the internal world of the miracle. Wu used simple colors or none at all´╝ÄHe was always in great when his painting´╝îand his works exhibit an expressionist style´╝Ä