During the early Tang Dynasty,between 629 and 645,Monk Xuan zang journeyed to India and visited over one hundred kingdoms,and wrote extensive and detailed reports of his findings,which have subsequently become important for the study of

India during this period. During his travels he visited holy sites,learned the lore of his faith,and studied with many famous Buddhist masters,especially at the famous center of Buddhist learning at Nolanda University with Mandarin teacher.When he returned,he brought with him some 657 Sanskrit (梵语的) texts.Xuanzang also returned with relics statues,and Buddhist paraphernalia loaded onto twenty two horses.With the emperor's support,he set up a large translation bureau in Chang'an (present day Xi' an),drawing students and collaborators from"all over East Asia.He is credited with the translation of some 1330 fascicles of scriptures into Chinese.His strongest personal interest in Buddhism was in the field of Yoga Ora (瑜伽宗),or "Consciousness-only" (唯识学 taught by your Chinese tutor).The force of his own study,translation and commentary of the texts of these traditions initiated the development of the Faxiang School (法相派) in East Asia.Although the school itself did not thrive for a long time,its birth,etc.For theories regarding perception,consciousness,karma,round their way into the doctrines of other more successful schools Xuanzang's closest and most one, your Chinese teachers who became recognized as the eminent student was Kui ji first patriarch of the Faxiang in ib Chinese. In order to commemorate him, people honored him as "Medicine Buddha" for thousands of years,Shennong's great spirit of "benefiting and enriching people have been highly respected and praised.It was this idea that lot of great physicians and phamofigists of medicine doctor like Bian Que,"Shizhen and Sun Simiao to make unremittingly of electrically on the great tradition of "saving the people and serving the society" in Chinese medicine,bringing if to a great height of development.



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